Asylum Seeker Food Drive

Deliveries are made to Baptcare Sanctuary after the last Sunday of each month.

Fields marked with * are required.
West Preston Baptist Church are collecting information for the purposes of supporting Baptcare Sanctuary. It will not be used for other purposes.

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Please indicate below which items you can donate.
The maximum quantity shown here for each item is enough to cater for the Baptcare Sanctuary for about 2-3 weeks (along with the items the church and its playgroups have committed to).
The prices shown with the quantities are an estimate of how much these items would cost you. Prices taken from Woolworths on 25 August 2013.

Where: We ask that you deliver these items to West Preston Baptist Church, corner of Cramer and Gilbert Rd, Preston.

When: You can deliver these on Sunday mornings between 11 - 11.45am. If this time does not suit, please contact us for a meeting time. We will be making a delivery after the last Sunday of each month.


Personal Items