Food for Asylum Seekers

We at West Preston Baptist Church join the call for humane treatment and hosting of asylum seekers including: a reception program that involves a humane standard of living within the community, access to a timely and fair assessment of claims for asylum and protection, and clear, transparent processes for the review of decisions.

The Bible presents a coherent and consistent emphasis on justice, grace and neighbourly-love toward all who are in need. In Jesus’ parable of the sheep and the goats, the king declares “I was a stranger and you welcomed me ... whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:35-40). We take this call seriously, and wish to support our vulnerable and needy neighbours at Baptcare Sanctuary, Preston and Brunswick.

About Baptcare Sanctuary

Sanctuary offers accommodation to asylum seekers living lawfully in the community awaiting an outcome on their protection visa application. Many of these individuals have no right to work, Medicare or income support, and so are completely reliant on charitable support for their food, housing and medical costs.

Baptcare Sanctuary, in Preston and Brunswick, is in need for food items. They are assisting about 70 asylum seekers at a time, welcoming them in their early stages of arrival, at a time of heightened vulnerability, in a strange land. They provide them with shelter, a case worker, and a chaplain. They also provide a kitchen so residents can prepare their own meals. We are seeking your assistance to help keep the food pantry stocked. A pantry items list is shown below. As Jesus said in the parable of the sheep and goats, ‘when I was hungry you fed me and what you do for these, you do for me.’

Want to know more?

Read the Baptcare Social Policy Position paper on Asylum Seekers.

The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre works directly with asylum seekers, both living in our community and in detention, to provide direct aid and support as they seek refuge status in Australia.

Monetary Donations

Click here to give monetry donations to Baptcare Sanctuary. (When filling in the form, you will need to select the program you donate to, this being "Asylum Seeker Accommodation: Baptcare Sanctuary".)

Click here to give monetry donations to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

If you would like to help with food donations please fill in the form below, showing which food items you are able to help with. We ask that you deliver the goods to the West Preston Baptist Church on Sunday mornings between 11 and 11.45am. If this time doesn't suit, but would still like to contribute to the list below, please say so in the comments panel, and we can arrange a time and place.